Trumpet • Wireless Real Ear Measurement (REM) System

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Elevate Hearing Aid Fitting with Trumpet Real Ear Measurement System - now offering FREE Training for new users!

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The Trumpet Real Ear Measurement system is a cutting-edge, user-friendly device capable of performing swift and precise in-situ measurements due to its compact wireless probes and integrated amplified speaker. 

Key Features:

  • Swift and Precise Measurements: Trumpet REM enables quick and accurate in-situ measurements, ensuring optimal hearing aid adjustments.
  • Versatile Adjustments: Utilize Trumpet for adjusting hearing aids using standard GAIN/RESPONSE measures or speech mapping, tailoring the experience for individual users.
  • Wireless Probes: Trumpet's wireless probes are the lightest in the industry, weighing just 50g / 0.11lb. Crafted for patient comfort, they provide complete freedom during in-situ measurements, supported by a reliable Bluetooth connection and up to four hours of continuous operation.
  • Effortless Connectivity: Easily connect Trumpet to your Windows® computer via USB, with no need for drivers. The intuitive Maestro software interface allows seamless control of Trumpet, and data can be effortlessly transferred to Noah if required.
Take advantage of our free training program to master the Trumpet REM system's capabilities and optimize your hearing aid adjustments.
Book your demo today and experience the precision, ease, and freedom offered by Trumpet Real Ear Measurement.

Contact us to receive more information about Trumpet AUD configuration. 

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