Satellite - Tele-audiology license (valid for 1 year)


Satellite is the revolutionary technology by Inventis® that allows to interact and remotely perform complete hearing assessments on patients in real time.

• The audiologist is administering the tests: Thanks to Satellite, the remote hearing test is performed directly from the examiner, who takes control of the diagnostic equipment located where the patient is.

• Built-in video conferencing system: Satellite technology allows the video-conferencing feature to be built inside the diagnostic software, allowing the user to interact and test through the same screen. 

• Testing reports directly saved onto clinic’s database: Being part of the diagnostic software, Satellite technology makes possible for the exam report to be saved directly onto the clinic’s database.

• CE and FDA certified hardware: Satellite is available for Piccolo Speech, the Inventis portable audiometer CE and FDA approved. Piccolo Speech is calibrated accordingly to ANSI or IEC standards.

Satellite license is valid for 12 months.

Inventis North America is headquartered in Florida and operates service facilities in both Florida and Minnesota. We provide comprehensive coverage across the United States through a network of authorized sales and service distributors.

At Inventis North America, we ensure that our customers get the most out of their equipment by offering a comprehensive range of after-sales services. These services include annual calibrations, onsite or virtual training sessions, equipment installation, and service plans.

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