Eartips for Tympanometers

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What are Eartips for Tympanometers?

Each pack contains a set of 30 pcs. All eartips are umbrella-shaped.

Eartips for tympanometers are small pieces of rubber that fit onto the probe of the tympanometer. They come in different sizes and shapes to fit into the ear canal of the patient. These eartips play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy of the measurements taken by the tympanometer.

The eartip creates a tight seal around the ear canal to prevent any air leaks. This is important because any air leaks can affect the readings generated by the tympanometer. The eartip also makes the process of testing more comfortable for the patient.

At times, it may be necessary to replace the eartip of the tympanometer if it becomes damaged or dirty. Regular replacement of the eartips is also advised to ensure they remain sterile and clean for each new patient.

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