Inventis Trumpet for Hearing Aid fitting verification and validation

The purpose of hearing aid verification is to verify that the appropriate gain/output is being achieved.

The validation of the verification process is also paramount to ensure that the end user obtains what they wanted or required, not only in terms of addressing audibility and intelligibility but also in terms of their perception of loudness.

The Inventis Trumpet is an advanced Real Ear Measurement system but also a diagnostic audiometer!

The best combination unit in terms of portability, convenience and size!

Controlled through Maestro software interface, it has never been so easy to do verification and then validation running QSIN via free field using the Trumpet built-in amplified speaker!

The purpose of hearing aid verification is to confirm that the desired gain/output levels are being achieved.

Validation of the verification process is also crucial to ensure that the end-user receives what they require in terms of addressing audibility, intelligibility, and perception of loudness.

The Inventis Trumpet is an advanced Real Ear Measurement system that doubles as a diagnostic audiometer, making it the best combination unit in terms of portability, convenience, and size.

Controlled through the Maestro software interface, it is now easier than ever to conduct verification and validation, including running the QSIN via free field using the Trumpet's built-in amplified speaker.

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  1. Do the QSIN via free field!
  2. Fit the hearing aid using REM! 
  3. Conduct a post QSIN to show improvement!

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