Piccolo Speech with Satellite Tele-audiology license (1 year)

Air conduction transducer:

Piccolo Speech is a portable diagnostic audiometer, capable of testing pure tone and speech audiometry in air and bone conduction. Only the Speech model includes a 2 channels Master Hearing Aid and QuickSIN.

Satellite is the revolutionary technology by Inventis® that allows to interact and remotely perform complete hearing assessments on patients in real time.

• The audiologist is administering the tests: Thanks to Satellite, the remote hearing test is performed directly from the examiner, who takes control of the diagnostic equipment located where the patient is.

• Built-in video conferencing system: Satellite technology allows the video-conferencing feature to be built inside the diagnostic software, allowing the user to interact and test through the same screen. 

• Testing reports directly saved onto clinic’s database: Being part of the diagnostic software, Satellite technology makes possible for the exam report to be saved directly onto the clinic’s database.


Included parts: Air conduction transducer ( - choose it from above - ), B71 Bone Vibrator, Patient response switch, Clip-on microphone for talk-over, Jack 3.5mm connection cable, Medical grade power supply, USB connection cable, Carrying case, User Manual, Inventis Software Suite.


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